Types of Changes

The following are examples of candidates for Change Management.

Hardware changes:
Additions, deletions, reconfigurations, relocations, or preventative or emergency maintenance.

Computing Systems software:
Operating system upgrades, product releases, versions, table changes, tuning, alterations to libraries, catalogs, monitors, traps, or changes to priority mechanisms.

Patches, upgrades, releases, versions, or modifications

Power, UPS system, generators, air conditioning, chilled water, electrical work, facility maintenance, security systems, fire control systems

Network Systems:
Additions, modifications, routers, firewalls, network access, controllers, protocol converters.

Operating Procedures:
Changes in equipment downtime schedules, planned system outages, changes in delivering services, or changes to service levels.

Workstations and Public Clusters:
Changes in hours of availability, hardware configurations, operating systems, utilities, applications including release levels or versions, installations or de-installations of systems, servers.