Change Management Process

1. A System Change Request (SCR) form, which may be found on the Change Management home page, needs to be filled out, submitted and receive management approval by 12:00 p.m. Wednesday morning. The cut off time is to allow support staff time to compile and mail the agenda to UITS staff for review prior to the meeting. The SCR is used to build the agenda and provides an audit trail of changes that may be used for reporting or reference if a problem occurs.

2. The minimum elements to be included in the SCR are:

  • Description of the change; one or two sentences.
  • Location of change.
  • The date and time, that the change is scheduled to be implemented.
  • The name of a staff person who is the "sponsor" or main contact; others should contact this person on questions, issues.
  • Back out procedures.
  • Risk of change.
  • Email address of the management person, who will be sent a notification of the requested change.

3. Changes should be listed as far in advance as we know. For changes further in the future, a more general date is acceptable that can be changed as you get closer to the actual implementation date.

4. Changes requiring the advice and assistance of the Communications & Planning Office (CPO) need to be communicated to that office well in advance of the change. Their focus is on planning and issuing communications to wide audiences at IUB/IUPUI and for the entire university through established electronic vehicles like The Monitor and Newsbit, and other means such as IU Home Pages, direct mail, posters, and other elements of larger communications campaigns.

When to call on CPO:

  • When the audience for your change includes end users of department, campus, or university Systems (students, faculty, staff).
  • When the change involves a mission-critical system, whether or not end users are directly affected, Including enhancements to university systems and infrastructure.
  • When the implications of the change on end-users are unclear. They can help determine the Extent and nature of communications needed, particularly if they are involved early in the Change management process.

5. If necessary to implement an emergency change, please submit an SCR after the fact to provide notification and maintain documentation audit trail.

6. Informational SCR's may be filled out and included in the weekly agenda and meetings. These are changes that prove to be of little impact to a production system, but a change that we still want to inform staff that occurred, such as growing the size of a file. Manager approval is not needed for informational SCR's.